Image resources

Cool image resources...

I’m always on the lookout for image resources to use in my projects. Sometimes I resort to the commercial options. Most times I head to UnSplash. But what do I do when I need graphics, rather than photos? Well, I’ve come across three recently that I share below.

The first is UnDraw. This is a fascinating site which features graphics of people in all sorts of settings. Its graphics are downloadable as both SVGs and PNGs, making it quite handy.

The second is Scale, by flexiple. The idea is almost the same as UnDraw, with similar colour palettes. But the scenes featured tend to have a little more detail.

The third is a cool site with a particular focus – BlackIllustrations. Being more on the brown side myself, I appreciate the idea behind this. And more recently, as an educator, I have seen first hand the positive impact these images can have on students. During one class, an image I used in my PowerPoint showed a businesswoman of colour, and the sole black student in the class got excited and nudged her friend and pointed it out, smiling. I like that there shades too in the imagery, to match my skin tone too.

So, check these sites out!